Emerson's Nursery Tour

Modern Colorful Baby Girl Nursery Tour Reveal

I am so very excited to share Emerson's nursery. This room was months in the making and quickly became my favorite room in our house. It was so fun creating a space with a little one in mind and I LOVED experimenting with playful feminine accents and colors while still maintaining the peaceful and minimal aesthetic we have come to love. We splurged on a few items, but this room is filled with DIY projects that started with, "Oh I LOVE that shelf...but it's $400... Rich, we can make that, right?" 

Modern Colorful Baby Girl Nursery | Oeuf Bookshelf

In addition to all the DIYs, many items were given to us by generous friends and family. The Steiff Animals were lent from Rich's mom, who played with them when she was a child. And my sister-in-law Chelle made these adorable moccasins for Emmi and gifted them to us for our baby shower. I can't wait until her little feet fit into them. Until then, they hold a special place on her bookshelf. 

Modern Colorful Baby Girl Nursery | Kilim Rug + Mocassins
Modern Colorful Baby Girl Nursery
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emerson lark

emerson lark newborn floral photography

The kicking, hiccuping jumping bean that was living in my belly for the past 9 months has arrived. And she is the most captivating, sweet, dear-hearted girl. She has been out in the world for 14 days now. They have been the most exhilarating, exhausting, wondrous 14 days of our lives. 14 days without any distinction between day and night, dreaming or reality, tears or laughter. All of a sudden, I am a mama. And all at once, I am completely clueless and perfectly suited to take care of her. This new life is still slowly falling into place for us, and has been bliss and blur. Rich and I are completely in love and in awe. We watch her breathe, sleep, smile, scowl, stretch and we are loving every moment and telling her to not grow too quickly.

Sleeping peacefully on my lap with arms stretched above her head as I write is Emerson Lark Kelly. 

Emerson took her first breath at 4:29 p.m. on the 29th of April, weighing 7 pounds and measuring 19 1/2 inches long. Her birth was calm, surrounded by positivity and excitement.

emerson lark newborn floral photography
I haven't been able to capture enough of her little mannerisms and features on camera because I've been too immersed in drinking her in with both of my eyes, but I did manage to snap a few photos of her amongst spring florals this week. A few of my favorites are after the jump... 


DIY Colorful Cubes | Nursery Closet Organization

DIY Cube Closet Storage Organizer

DIY Cube Nursery Closet Storage Organizer

Our nursery is the smallest room in our house, so one of the biggest goals of this space was to maximize every square inch to handle the onslaught of baby gear, toys, and clothes. I really wanted to create storage areas that look awesome and are highly functional (I often sacrifice functionality for form). So we started with adding additional storage to the closet.

Closets are such an easy-to-overlook space and ours get disorganized quickly. I'm positive once the baby arrives this closet will get messy and my perfectly styled space won't be photograph-worthy. But for now, I get to relish the order and pristine nature of the nursery and smile every time I peek in at this little space.

DIY Cube Nursery Closet Storage Organizer

We started this project by finding these 6-cube organizers on Amazon. When we measured the closet, we discovered that two organizers placed side-by-side would fit perfectly in the space (that never happens, so we were psyched!). If these organizers don't happen to fit your space, you could check out Ikea's shelving storage options for this project as well. 

After assembling the cube organizers and placing them inside the closet, I started looking for affordable cube bins and fell in love with all the Land of Nod choices, but didn't love the idea of spending over $150 for 12 bins. So I found these on Amazon ($6.29 for 2 green bins) and came up with the idea to add new front panels.

DIY Cube Nursery Closet Storage Organizer

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DIY Circle Wood Shelf

DIY Circle Wood Shelf

I've had my eyes on the round dorm shelf from Ferm Living for quite some time and have seen more and more circular wall shelves popping up again and again in stylish spaces I drool over. The price tags on most of these gorgeous shelves is hefty and way out of our budget, so I took the liberty of creating a budget-friendly version that retained the modern minimal look of the originals without breaking the bank.

DIY Circle Wood Shelf Tutorial

One of the most challenging problems was where to find large circular wood pieces that didn't require a carpenter's know-how of bending wood. When I can't think up a solution (or Google a solution) to a DIY problem, I'll just go to a local craft or home improvement store and wander the aisles until a material stands out. This is the approach I took with the round wood circle and I found my answer in the quilting aisle... 23" round quilting hoops.

I couldn't use the outside hoop that screwed together since the wood wasn't connected, so I had to rely on the inside hoop that was already a full circle. I picked through the eight hoops they had in-store and picked out three that had similarly-colored wood and lined up evenly.

DIY Circle Wood Shelf Nursery

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DIY Wooden Bead Pendant Light

DIY Wooden Bead Pendant Light Modern Nursery

With a little over a month to go until our babe arrives, we have finally entered the finishing touches stage of the nursery project. From the very beginning, I started scoping out ridiculous amount of nursery inspiration. And I kept coming back to the brilliant simplistic and modern styling of Sharon Montrose's Animal Print Shop nurseries. Her baby alpaca nursery, and this pendant light, are just so spot on.

So I set out to recreate a DIY version of this pendant light using wooden beads, twisted cloth covered wire, and a vintage light bulb. Aside from the electrical assembly, which did take a couple hours, this project was simple with big payoff in terms of bringing color and whimsy to the nursery.

DIY Wooden Bead Pendant Light Materials
DIY Wooden Bead Pendant Light
DIY Wooden Bead Pendant Light | Modern Nursery

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DIY Changing Pad Cover

DIY Modern Boho Changing Pad Cover Tutorial

My DIY inspiration usually arises after trying to take on a new project, looking high and low for good tutorials, and having a hard time finding what I'm looking for. At that point, I'll just wing it. And if the project turns out well, I share it with you all.

Putting together our little one's nursery has been one of my favorite projects to date. I've really loved exploring new colorful decor styles and incorporate a soft feminine vibe into the space without going over-the-top girly. I couldn't find a changing pad cover for sale that had the modern boho vibe I'm going for. So when I came across embroidered mustard yellow curtain panels on clearance at Target, I thought it may look awesome on a changing pad. Here's how I did it...


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