DIY Felt Stockings with Tassels & Poms

DIY Christmas Stocking with Tassels and Pom-poms
When I was a child, decorating for Christmas was a sport. My Grandma (on my dad's side) and my mom would go ALL OUT and transformed both of their homes into seriously magical worlds. My Grandma chose a theme each year and would buy all new decorations to match. One year was a gilded gold with a white tree and my 12-year-old self thought I had walked into Buckingham Palace. My mom's place is always on point, as well. She has serious decorating chops all year round, but Christmas is when she really shines. I always try to sucker her into helping me decorate my place around the holidays. And now that we have Emerson, I'm so looking forward to the magic of holiday decor.

One of my favorite decorating moments was when the Christmas stockings went up on the mantle. They would hang there in eager anticipation waiting to be filled and all throughout December I would check mine to see if anything had arrived early.

So this year, I wanted to make personalized stockings for Emerson, Rich and I. Inspired by the ever-lovely Anthropologie stockings, I decided to go with a yarn tassel and pom-pom look on wool felt. Not only are the results pretty darn cute, but it was much more affordable than anything store-bought.

DIY Christmas Stocking with Tassels and Pom-poms

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Nursery Update: DIY Pom Pom Garland

DIY Pom Pom Garland Nursery

Emerson's nursery is easily my favorite room in our house. The sun streams in her windows the entire day and each time I walk in, or walk by, I am struck with how much this space feels like hers. It's ethereal, warm, modern and so lively.

I originally had this round wooden shelf above her changing pad. And even though I loved it in this spot, E's little hands quickly started grabbing for it and pulling the tiny wooden animals down. I realized I needed something out of reach, while still visually interesting for this curious little kitten. So I made this colorful pom garland out of some yarn I had laying around. I also added a tiny circle mirror next to her changing pad, because she would always turn her head and stare at a blank wall, and I wanted to be able to make silly faces and engage with her more.

DIY Pom Pom Garland Nursery Warm Modern

DIY Nursery Sharon Montrose Baby Alpaca
DIY Modern Nursery Pom Pom Garland

DIY Modern Nursery Pom Pom Garland

DIY Modern Nursery Pom Pom Garland

DIY Modern Nursery Pom Pom Garland

DIY Pom Pom Garland

I used this fork method to make 20 pom poms. After they were complete, I cut 20 4-5" pieces of ivory yarn and attached it to the top of all the poms. Then, I knotted the ivory yarn to a (48") piece of ivory yarn. I attached it to the wall using these clear plastic removable hooks.

Nursery Sources:

DIY Changing Pad Cover
IKEA Shelf 
DIY Wooden Blocks
Vintage YoYo Harlequin Clown Doll
Natural Rattle and Teether
Baby Animal Prints by Sharon Montrose
*Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about E's nursery that I haven't answered!


DIY Tea Dyed Onesie

Babies grow out of everything SO quickly. I just reluctantly put away all of Emerson's 0-3 month summer clothes and was so sad to see a physical representation of time passing.

One staple of E's wardrobe has been these white onesies. I'll buy a pack of them on Amazon and in the warm weather, let her wear them around the house. In the colder season, I layer them underneath her outfits for extra warmth. They're so inexpensive that I don't mind them getting trashed with spit up or blow outs. In fact, one time, her blow out was so bad that I literally just cut the onesie off her body and threw it in the trash to avoid major clean up.

As I bought onesies for winter, I had the urge to spruce them up a bit. And when I saw this DIY via Moonologie, I knew it was the perfect organic fix.

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Getting through the first 5 months of motherhood

I never imagined myself at home with a sweet babe on my hip. I've always been moving and doing, energized by ideas, projects and deadlines. And when I was pregnant with Emerson, I didn't imagine much changing after she was born. I knew there would be more to juggle and conceptually, I understood more work was headed our way. But when she was born five months ago, Rich and I were blown away by how much our world changed. Our life and relationship with each other intensified and congealed in purpose and meaning. We are completely smitten and enthralled with our sweet baby and love being her parents. But that said, it's been a HARD five months.

Aside from actually having Emerson, my world changed drastically when we decided I was going to take an extended break from the corporate world and explore freelancing, while primarily taking care of E. After the finality of that decision set in, I started having anxiety about the slowness and unpredictability of this new life. Would I fall behind professionally and never catch up? Was I pursing the career I wanted to have? Would I be personally fulfilled? Or would I grow resentful? What would people think? Would I be able to make mom friends? What are mom friends? What do they talk about?

Here are the five things that have been getting me through the past five months:

1. Friends. All of them. Mama, non-mama, older and younger.

I've always valued my friendships, but never realized how extroverted I was until I had a baby. Being at home with no one to talk all day drove me up a wall and left me lethargic and uninspired. After spending time with people I care about, even if it's just an hour for coffee, I'm so energized about life and possibilities. So I've quadrupled my efforts to be more social, make buds and have more community with women. It's been amazing to connect with mamas and immediately relate on a deeply personal level. That said, my friends who don't have children have been equally amazing. There is something so refreshing about laughing about an old workplace or hearing about a friend trying to raise capital for a new side project and never mentioning the word 'sleep training.'

2. Guarding myself against negative thoughts.

It is SO easy for me to fall into the black hole of perfectly stylized motherhood on social media. Any time I've been scrolling through squares on Instagram and had the thought, "Oh, this kind of makes me feel bad about myself or my parenting style." I cut and run. On the flip side, when people inspire me, I've been trying to get out of my shell and write a comment to engage and tell them how much I appreciate their perspective.

3. Being vulnerable.

At first, I wasn't comfortable telling people how much I hated breastfeeding, that my weight was not "melting off", that I didn't feel like I could soothe my baby, that her waking up early from a nap was frustrating and felt like stolen time. But slowly I started confiding in people and was met with head nodding and encouragement instead of the judgment I feared. Not only did I find the support I needed, but my own vulnerability was able to fast-track my relationships into a deeper, more honest place.

4. Making goals, however small.

I've always been pretty goal oriented, so I've found ways to incorporate some discipline into this unpredictable new life. I started really really small in the first few weeks. My goal would be to change out of the clothes I slept in by 4pm. Or make myself a smoothie for lunch. One girl I know got coffee at the same coffee shop every morning for most of her adult life, so on her maternity leave, her daily goal was to get out of the house every day for that cup of joe.

As Emerson becomes more independent, I've tried to photograph one thing a day. Sometimes I'll be able to shoot and style my heart out. Other days, I take three frames while E starts tuning up for a meltdown in her bouncy chair.

In the back of mind, I have large overarching goals I want to achieve, like setting up a thriving enough photography and design freelancing gig that will sustain me when Emerson is off to school. But I try to reassure myself that the small steps will turn into larger leaps in time.

5. Laying out my needs and expectations.

Rich and I have pretty good communication, but we have needed be more clear and direct about our struggles and expectations. After a few months of E taking erratic naps during the day, I got to a breaking point with never having time to work. I would start shooting something perishable like food or botanicals, and E would start crying the MINUTE my camera started to click. So we started getting more creative with our schedules and explored one of us working on a weekend day while the other would be on full-time baby duty.

At the end of the day, I'm still a very new mom and don't have anything really figured out. I'm not posting this to offer advice, but to simply share what's been hard, what's worked, and open a dialogue to hear your stories. Do you have any advice for getting through the first couple months of mamahood?


7 DIY Wood Projects I Love

Summer is almost coming to an end (gah- how is that possible?!) which means the end of lengthy-lit days with warm sunshine. Summer days are so perfect for doing DIY projects- you can paint, stain, glue, or sand wooden projects outside and let them dry under the hot sun.

So get out there and make something awesome that you can admire when you're hibernating indoors this winter. Here are 7 project suggestions (and a few of my favorite past DIYs) if you're wondering where to start.

01. Wooden Bead Pendant Light
02. Colorful Cube Organization
03. Modern Computer Monitor Stand
04. Modern IKEA Hack Vanity
05. Circle Wood Shelf
06. Wooden Key Holder
07. Reclaimed Wood Dining Table



Kitchen DIY Update |  adorne by legrand

As anyone who has ever done a DIY project knows, the devil is in the details. And after renovating our kitchen last year, we knew we had a few really important details to tackle before we could mark off this project as complete.

Some of those details were our light switches and outlets. Our house is over 80 years old, and had some seriously outdated looks going on that took away from the beauty of our new white subway tile, butcher block countertops, and freshly painted white walls. So when Legrand reached out and graciously hooked us up with new outlets and plates from their adorne collection, we jumped at the opportunity. And we couldn't believe the difference it made in the overall look and functionality of our kitchen space. 

Kitchen DIY Update |  USB adorne by legrand

That USB outlet above is a small but MIGHTY improvement. Doesn't it always seem like your iPad hits 1% battery life when you get to the most important detail of any recipe? (I know, that is the ultimate first world problem.) But now I can keep my iPad or phone plugged in as I cook and bake. 

On the white subway tiled backsplashes, we have Mirror White wall plates. They look so seamless and really make the pattern and grout pop. I was worried it wouldn't match perfectly, but it does and looks SO GOOD.

Kitchen DIY Update |  adorne by legrand
Kitchen DIY Update |  adorne by legrand

The beauty below is the Wave Switch. You literally just wave your hand in front of it to turn the light on and off. Right after installing it, I stood there for a good 10 minutes just waving the light on and off for the fun of it.  And everyone who comes by is obsessed with it, as well. It's our new party trick.

Having it right next to the sink and area where I do food prep is so key. My hands can be all wet, grimy, and covered in flour and the switch stays beautiful and crumb-free. 

Kitchen DIY Update |  adorne by legrand

The light switch you see in the photo below is the Whisper Dimmer with a French Oak wall plate. Oh boy, is that plate stunning or what? The light wood looks so good with our butcher block and warm wood accents. Instead of falling into the background, the light switch is an artful accent and another opportunity to reinforce the modern aesthetic we've come to love. 

Kitchen DIY Update |  adorne by legrand
Kitchen DIY Update |  adorne by legrand
Kitchen DIY Update |  adorne by legrand
Kitchen DIY Update |  adorne by legrand

And there's that beautiful French Oak plate again! On the back wall, we have two paddle switches and a nightlight. The whole set looks so perfect with our Bamboo blinds and natural modern decor.

Kitchen DIY Update |  adorne by legrand

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DIY IKEA Hack Modern Wall Shelf

DIY IKEA Hack Modern Wall Shelf | Bathroom

Our bathroom renovation started right before Emerson was born and our pre-baby goal was to have a bathtub installed and the shower tiling complete. Rich finished both of them in a few weekends (at almost 8 months pregnant I was zero help) and then we took a break for awhile.

Now fast forward a few months and baby Emmi LOVES bath-time and we spend a ton of time in this bathroom. So I wanted to get a few things on the walls to make the space feel a little more finished. IKEA to the rescue. This DIY is SO simple and only takes a few minutes total to complete- which is my kinda DIY project as of late.

DIY IKEA Hack Modern Wall Shelf | Bathroom
DIY IKEA Hack Modern Wall Shelf | Bathroom

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