DIY Modern Vanity

DIY Modern and Minimal Makeup Vanity Table

I had this antique mahogany vanity in our bedroom for quite some time. And even though it was gorgeous, it was too large for our space and wasn't comfortable as an everyday makeup table. So we found it a new loving home and went to work creating a more minimal modern vanity more suited for our space.

I wanted something sleek and able to organize my makeup. One, among many, surprises of pregnancy has been my insatiable desire for order and organization. Maybe it's part of the whole nesting thing, but I suddenly want, no NEED, systems in place for everything. Closets, cabinets, drawers, you name it, I want to organize it.

I saw the EKBY ALEX shelf awhile back and thought it may look cool paired with tapered wood legs. Rich spray painted shelf brackets white and stained tapered legs with a cherry oil stain. And ta-da! A pretty rad looking set up for minimal cost and efforts. Here's how we did it...

DIY Modern and Minimal Makeup Vanity Table

The weekend we tackled this project, we made a Target run and stumbled upon the new Threshold mirror pictured below. I think I audibly gasped when I saw it and said to Rich that it was exactly what I had in mind for this space. We were a little concerned the actual size of the mirror was too small, but it seems to work just fine. 

DIY Modern and Minimal Makeup Vanity Table

I've had this Threshold woven bench for a few months. I bought it not knowing exactly where I would put it in our house, so it jumped from room to room until I realized it would make a great vanity bench.

DIY Modern and Minimal Makeup Vanity Table

Look at that organization! I snagged two bamboo drawer organizers from Homegoods to hold loose items like makeup brushes and eyeshadows and they fit in with the aesthetic perfectly.

DIY Modern and Minimal Makeup Vanity Table

To warm the bench up a bit, I threw my sheepskin throw and a perfectly matching pillow on top of it. It makes this a super comfy place to sit in the morning and get ready. 

DIY Modern and Minimal Makeup Vanity Table
DIY Modern Makeup Vanity with IKEA EKBY Alex Shelf

DIY Modern and Minimal Makeup Vanity Table

What You'll Need: 

1. Wooden round mirror- Threshold for Target
2. Jewelry stand - Anthropologie
3. Faux fur pillow - Threshold for Target
4. EKBY Alex Shelf with drawers - IKEA
5. Sheepskin throw - IKEA
6. Wooden bench/stool - Threshold for Target
7. Wood Table Leg - 27.5" Tapered - Lowe's
8. 6"x8" Shelf Brackets - Home Depot
9. Cherry oil wood stain - Lowe's 
10. Table Leg straight top plate - Lowe's

How We Did It:

1. Spray paint the shelf brackets white with a paint + primer.
2. Stain the tapered legs with a cherry wood stain.
3. Assemble the Alex shelf.
4. Using wall anchors (we used anchors with a 50lb. weight allowance) secure the shelf brackets to the wall.
5. Secure the Alex shelf to the brackets.
6. Attach the straight top plates to the Alex shelf.
7. Screw the tapered legs to the plates. 

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