Cold Brewed Iced Coffee + Cream

Cold Brewed Coffee Creamer Drink Recipe

Cold brewed iced coffee has to be one of my favorite drinks on a humid summer day. It's refreshing and gives you the perfect kick of mid-afternoon caffeine. We've been having plenty hot humid summer days as of late (not that I'm complaining after the deep and dark never-ending winter we just had), so our fridge has been fully stocked with cooled beverage goodness.

The lovely thing about the cold brew method is the absence of acidity and bitterness usually accompanied with regular coffee. Instead, you're left with a smooth, dark and rich blend that can be enjoyed straight up black or with all the add-in's your heart desires.

Cold Brewed Coffee Creamer Drink RecipeCold Brewed Coffee Creamer Drink Recipe
Cold Brewed Coffee Creamer Drink Recipe
Cold Brewed Iced Coffee

1 cup coarsely ground coffee beans
4 cups cold water
Half & half or creamer

Place the ground coffee in a large pitcher or container. Pour the cold water over the top. Stir slightly to make sure all the grounds are submerged. Let stand at room temperature, or in the refrigerator, for 12-15 hours to brew. After brewing, pour the coffee through a cheesecloth or coffee filter several times until the grounds are gone. Serve over ice and mix with cream or half & half and/or flavors of your choosing.

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