my burning house

The Burning House project by Foster Huntington asks what you would reach for and run with if your house was on fire.

This is my submission, which just so happened to appear on his site this week.

My Burning House
  • Trusty brown leather purse
  • My grandmother’s necklace and mother’s earrings
  • The Book of Garden Flowers
  • Thrifted Cake Serving Knife
  • My favorite shirt and belt
  • Copper Bundt Pan
  • Well-worn Converse sneaks
  • Favorite hand-painted plates and keys
  • My camera
  • My Macbook and iPhone
  • Full hard drive with all my photographs
  • Measuring Spoons
  • My Passport and favorite leather cardholder
  • Cigar box that holds treasures
  • Handmade candlesticks from Uganda gifted from dear friend Lindsey
Go peruse the site and ask yourself the same question. It's freeing and revealing to see a visual representation of your valuable possessions.

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