DIY Colorful Cubes | Nursery Closet Organization

DIY Cube Closet Storage Organizer

DIY Cube Nursery Closet Storage Organizer

Our nursery is the smallest room in our house, so one of the biggest goals of this space was to maximize every square inch to handle the onslaught of baby gear, toys, and clothes. I really wanted to create storage areas that look awesome and are highly functional (I often sacrifice functionality for form). So we started with adding additional storage to the closet.

Closets are such an easy-to-overlook space and ours get disorganized quickly. I'm positive once the baby arrives this closet will get messy and my perfectly styled space won't be photograph-worthy. But for now, I get to relish the order and pristine nature of the nursery and smile every time I peek in at this little space.

DIY Cube Nursery Closet Storage Organizer

We started this project by finding these 6-cube organizers on Amazon. When we measured the closet, we discovered that two organizers placed side-by-side would fit perfectly in the space (that never happens, so we were psyched!). If these organizers don't happen to fit your space, you could check out Ikea's shelving storage options for this project as well. 

After assembling the cube organizers and placing them inside the closet, I started looking for affordable cube bins and fell in love with all the Land of Nod choices, but didn't love the idea of spending over $150 for 12 bins. So I found these on Amazon ($6.29 for 2 green bins) and came up with the idea to add new front panels.

DIY Cube Nursery Closet Storage Organizer

Get the rest of the DIY details and sources after the jump...

Rich spearheaded this DIY, but I'm going to do my best of outlining how he did it. To start, he cut 11"x 11" squares from a 2'x 4' piece of 1/4" thick Aspen board and used a 1" Forstner bit to put a hole at the top. He sanded the faces and using e6000 craft glue, glued the square boards to the bin faces and clamped them together to dry for around 24 hours.

Once completely dry, he primed the boards with shellac primer and painted 10 out of the 12 faces with colors from paint samples we bought at the local hardware store. We decided to leave two of the 12 as unfinished wood because we liked the look. The color palette of the paint we used is listed below.

DIY Cube Nursery Closet Storage Organizer

Cube Color Palette: Adobe White // Scarborough // Frosty Pine // Turquoise Mist // Pineapple Mousse // Indian Maize // Tuscan Pink // Restful Rose // Orange Vermillion

What I love most about this project is that it doesn't have a strictly nursery feel and can evolve with our little gal's style. And heck, if she doesn't want in her room at some point, I will gladly take it in ours.

DIY Cube Nursery Closet Storage Organizer

DIY Cube Nursery Closet Storage Organizer

What do you think? Pretty adorable, huh? I may have missed a few details of this DIY seeing as how Rich really did the majority of the DIY'ing, so please be sure to leave any questions in the comments and I'll get back to you right away :)

closetmaid 6-cube organizers (2) // soft cube bins (12) // 2'x4' 1/4" aspen board // 1" fornester drill bit // e6000 glue 

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