DIY Holiday Sparkle Glass Dome

Holiday Christmas Glass Dome Terrarium Tree

Last year, our holiday involved a kitchen renovation and traveling in and out of town, so I opted out of decorating for the holidays. I assured myself it didn't matter and kept saying how I had saved myself the work of cleaning up come January. But not having my own sparkly pine-scented green and red retreat was such a bummer. So this year I went all out. And I started early so we can enjoy the frivolity as long as possible. And I know many people have a strict "don't decorate until after Thanksgiving" rule, but I think you should just do what feels right.

So here is a super simple holiday DIY that you can do in less than an hour that will yield adorable sparkly winter wonderland results.

Holiday Christmas Glass Dome Terrarium TreeHoliday Christmas Glass Dome Terrarium Tree Holiday Christmas Glass Dome Terrarium Tree
DIY Holiday Christmas Glass Dome Terrarium Tree

What You'll Need: 

12" Glass Bell Jar Dome
*Mine is Martha Stewart Collection's dome found here.
Anthropologie Aurora String Lights, 15ft. 
*We got our tree from West Elm. They don't have it listed online, but you may be able to find it in-store this season. I suggest calling ahead and asking.  
Double-sided tape (something like this will do)

Cut a piece of double-sided tape and firmly stick it on the base of your glass dome. Place the miniature pine tree on the taped base until it's nice and sturdy. Take the tall glass dome and flip it upside down. Gently place the string lights in the top. While still holding the glass dome upside down, place the base (with the attached tree) on the top. Flip the entire piece right side up again. Carefully and gently use your hand to drape the lights strategically around the tree until you're happy with the distribution. And voila! Plug it in and let the holiday wonder take over. 


  1. Hi - cute blog!
    I like your little tree and boxwood wreath and I was curious where you found them (I live in Pittsburgh, too).

  2. simple, yet stunning.
    the bell jar you reference is $79