DIY Dried Flower Shadow Box + The Best Gift

September 7th of 2013 was the best day of my life. I married my best friend (you can see us in our wedding glory found here). A man that humbles me every day with his grace, kindness and humor. He's a better person than I am. A better person than most every other person I know, in fact.

On the day of our anniversary last Sunday, I was feeling really under the weather. We had just gotten home from a whirlwind weekend in Philadelphia and I crawled into bed and was ready to fall asleep. Rich excitedly comes into the bedroom and says I can't go to bed yet. First, I must open his anniversary gift. So I roll over, pull myself up, and see him smiling on the edge of the bed with a beautifully wrapped (always) box. Before I even open the gift, I felt terrible as I hadn't gotten him something. But, of course, because he's just the best person, wasn't even fazed. I tear open the paper and this unbelievable gem is inside. Rich MADE THIS. Out of the flowers from the boutonniere he wore on our wedding day. Arranged so artfully and carefully placed. It took my breath away and is absolutely the BEST, most meaningful present I've received. That man.

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