Design Outdoors: Backyard + Patio

This is the first summer living in our house and we are eating it up. It's like we've been bracing ourselves, clenching our teeth and tensing our muscles, for the duration of that long harsh winter and are finally, slowly, loosening our grip and relaxing into the soft pillow that is summer.

The private patio on the back of our house does a nice job cradling us into relax mode.

I am a big fan of the Ikea Brommo (as seen above) patio chair. I had my eye on the X36 folding chair from Fab, but couldn't stomach the idea of spending $90 on chairs that would need additional work and seasoning, so these are a great substitute/dupe for ~$60 that are both comfortable and seemingly well designed.

Now all this patio needs is to be filled with friends, laughter and music. Party anyone?


  1. I want to come and hang out in this beautiful space!

  2. This looks like a wonderful outdoor space, very relaxing.