The Science of Baking

I have always loved the scientific absoluteness of baking. You get exactly what you put in. No beginner's luck, intuition, or gut feeling involved. Measure twice, mix once.

The temperature of the fats, eggs, and flour matters. The precision of each teaspoon matters. Every aspect of the process matters. And if you love the process of baking, getting a recipe just right can be one of most rewarding feelings. Baking is the opportunity for mastery at it's most sweetest.

Baking fats

In the journey to chocolate chip cookie perfection, I played with my favorite go-to recipe to visualize the differences between fats. The first batch was made of high-quality European butter. The second batch was pure lard. The third batch was butter-flavored Crisco. So, I have to ask...

Which cookie looks best to you?


  1. I would say the crisco looks the best, then lard, then butter. but i would eat all of them without thinking twice!

  2. I think the lard cookie looks the most appetizing, but probably because it has the most chocolate chip showing. The butter cookie might be my first choice if that center is chewy! But that crisco cookie looks kind of reminiscent of a Chips Ahoy cookie. Pass...