a patriotic city escape


The long Fourth of July weekend provided the perfect break to escape to Madison, Wisconsin for a couple days.

The last time Rich and I visited (and the first time I experienced Madison) was in the dead of winter. We were bundled in puffer jackets and walked briskly, with our heads down, to keep our bodies warm from the treacherous conditions. I liked Madison despite the cold, but I loved Madison in the red hot summer.

We slowly meandered around the well-known farmer's market at the Capitol building on Saturday morning.


We ate freshly baked spicy cheesy bread by the handful.


And made sure to hit up the samples of famous Wisconsin cheese curds.


We made time to pose for a few photographs to remember it all.


Surrounded by water, a canoe seemed the perfect way to experience a different view of the city.

Madison WI 1

The icing on the cake (or whipped cream on the waffle, if you will) was a hole-in-the-wall treasure called Sofia's Bakery and Cafe. The adorable breakfast spot is only open Saturday and Sundays opening at 8AM and when we arrived around 8:10AM, there were already several people in front of us in line.


Walking in to Sophia's felt like walking into a friend's kitchen, full of aromatic smells of brown sugar and butters. Trays of muffins, cakes, and tarts literally pulled right out of the oven sat on the counter cooling for a few minutes before they were devoured by us and our fellow early birds.
Sophia's Bakery 4

The space was tiny, with only four or five mismatched tables and chairs inside and three tables outside. The self-serve coffee bar, with no two coffee mugs looking the same, was equally charming.

Sophia's Bakery 3

The waffle with peaches and blueberries just speaks for itself...


Little Scout waited patiently under the table clinging to the hope that something sweet and sugary would fall from the air.


All in all, I can't wait to return to Madison and wholeheartedly recommend it as a weekend getaway if your summer calendar allows. And don't cheat yourself, go to Sophia's (early!) and eat a muffin or three.

Sophia's Bakery 2

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