Harry Potter-inspired tent for a birthday

Roommate Kevin's 25th birthday was Monday. Kevin really loves Harry Potter. And I really love Harry Potter. We both agree that after a hard day, there's no better remedy for the heart than to curl up with a blueberry pie and watch The Goblet of Fire.

A favorite scene occurs when Harry and the Weasley's walk into the Weasley's seemingly modest tent at the Quidditch World Cup campground to find a beautiful indoor tented world awaiting them.

So for his birthday, we transformed the kitchen into our own version of the Weasley's tent and baked a yummy blueberry pie.


And the pie...


tent images 2

To keep things authentic, Erica made Kevin a letter of acceptance into Hogwarts, along with Hedwig the white owl, and a Sword of Gryffindor.
kevins birthday hp 1

tent images

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  1. this is beautiful!!!!aaaw I wish I had something like this in my room - permanently :)