DIY bamboo chopstick bowl

This lovely little DIY project appeared in the April/May issue of ReadyMade magazine. It's a fruit bowl made entirely of bamboo chopsticks, thin malleable wire, and small beads.


Here is what you'll need...


30 pairs of Bamboo Chopsticks (I got over 60 pairs at our local Asian grocer for around $2)
Drill and small bit (I used a 1/16 bit)
Thin wire (I started with silver and switched to copper after realizing it would show a little)
Wire Cutters
64 small beads (Any craft store would have these, I got mine from JoAnn Fabrics)

Step 1: Secure a chopstick to a piece of scrap wood (a clamp would come in handy although I used good old fashioned elbow grease). Drill a hole 1/2 inch from the top of the chopstick. Drill a second hole on the same side of the chopstick about a third of the way down the chopstick from the eating end. Repeat this step 59 more times.
Disclaimer: Step 1 is the most painstaking step in the project. I gave myself a break in between Step 1 and the latter steps and it turned into a two-day project.
Step 2: Thread a long piece of your wire through the bottom holes of all 60 chopsticks and secure a bead onto each end. I loosely secured these beads so I could made adjustments later.
Step 3: Thread a second piece of wire through the top holes of EVERY OTHER chopstick, placing a bead between each chopstick you thread. When you reach the last chopstick on one side, put three beads on the wire and then continue threading the wire through the remaining top holes that have not been threaded, continue adding beads after each chopstick.
Step 4: When you reach the end, add three beads to match the opposite end and wrap the ends of the wire around the top of one chopstick to secure before cutting.
Step 5: Mold the bowl into a circle and fill it with any objects you'd like. I think smaller fruit like grapes and cherries look pretty but it's strong enough to hold apples, bananas, etc.


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