from advertising to annuals

I'm excited to share some of my newly acquired floral knowledge.


The beauty above is the hyacinth, one of my favorite fragrant cool weather plants. Especially hardy and able to withstand the cold Chicago temperatures, this spring annual should be kept indoors until the last frost and then can be transplanted outdoors. Life span will run around 6-8 weeks depending on care (lots and lots of light and water every other day).


The maidenhair fern is by far one of my favorite houseplants. Delicate and feminine, it adds just the right amount of green to any room. For all it's glory, this little guy is VERY high maintenance and I've killed my fair share of ferns due to lack of trimming and poor environments. My lessons learned: cut off browning leaves down to the root, water when soil feels dry and keep in the warmest part of your home.

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