chicago: cooper's junk yard

This is Cooper's Junk Yard in Humboldt Park, a north Chicago neighborhood. It's a maze full of industrial materials, furniture, used appliances and everything in between. It makes my local thrift store feel like Bloomingdale's.


There are rooms upon rooms (and then more rooms) just like the one above. Nothing is marked with a price, so everything is up for negotiation.


I walked away empty-handed, but eyed some cool things like an antique Singer machine, old cash machines and abandoned auditorium-style chairs that could easily be reupholstered to create a unique living room addition.

cooper's junk yard stuff

Try your luck (but first make sure your Tetanus shots are up to date):

Cooper's Junk Yard
814 N. Spaulding Ave
Chicago, IL 60651
Closed Sundays

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