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Modern Bathroom Organization Serena & Lily La Jolla Basket

Before we had a baby, everyone warned me about how much kids' STUFF we would accumulate. Clothes, toys, gear, feeding accessories, bath toys, towels, the list goes on. And like most everything parenting-related, I half-heartedly listened and assumed we may handle it differently. I hoped we would be the kind of parents that only bought beautifully handmade wooden Montessori toys that function more as nursery decor than anything else. And until Emerson was born, that was true.

But then, generous and amazing friends and family started passing down toys. Emmi was like a month to a flame. If it was big and bright and obnoxious-looking, she wanted it. At first I was hesitant and tried to keep things to a minimum. But truthfully, I realized early on that trying to control the "look" of the toys in our house was an issue my own, and felt more about achieving a false image of perfect parenting than . If my kids will play and build with a hundred brightly colored Legos for an hour, you better believe we'll have them. And they'll probably be strewn all over the floor.

Which brings me to the point of my rambling (I promise there's a point). In the chaos of life with children, I need life hacks. I need places to hide the craziness and feel a semblance of normalcy and organization in a short period of time. In come the amazingness that is baskets. I freaking love baskets. I have them in every room and they hold everything. Kids' toys, dog toys, blankets, stuffed animals, towels, you name it. It's the easiest way to keep things off the floor while maintaining a stylish and modern look in your house. So when Serena & Lily graciously sent me one of their Striped La Jolla baskets to review, I was ecstatic. It really added to my designer home decor.

Modern Bathroom Organization
Modern Bathroom Organization Serena & Lily La Jolla Basket

I've never owned a basket as large as this one (the basket pictured is the size Large in Natural) and I really like the size. It can easily fit several blankets or towels, pillows and/or toys. I have four full-sized bath towels in mine along with Emerson's bath toys and it is only about half full! The only downside regarding the size is that it needs to live in a large room or else it visually (and literally) take over the space. Emerson's nursery, for example, is pretty tiny and would not have space for it. If you have a medium or smaller sized room, I think this basket in the small or medium size would be perfect. I'm actually considering getting one for our bedroom.

The quality and color of the basket are perfect. It feels incredibly sturdy, unlike some of the belly baskets I have, and feels very well made. I was afraid the color would have a strong yellow hue, but it doesn't. It's a perfectly natural basket weave tan.

Modern Bathroom Organization Serena & Lily La Jolla Basket
Modern Bathroom Organization Serena & Lily La Jolla Basket

Do you have any tips, tricks or life hacks for maintaining order with kids? I'm not naturally organized person, so I'm all ears!

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